Examine This Report on indian republic day

The 68th Republic Day was commemorated at St.Albert's University, Ernakulam. Elections were to be held at least every five years, and India's government was modeled after the British parliamentary system. As many as 500 flights, both domestic and international, flying into and out of the IGI Airport have been affected since Sunday, when the city witnessed the worst fog of the season.
First Republic Day of India was celebrated in 1950. A grand parade is held in New Delhi at Rajpath by the Indian army to pay honor to the Indian Flag. Besides, six flights were cancelled on Monday and 15 on Sunday due to poor visibility. Around two years, eleven months and eighteen days was taken by the Constituent Assembly of India to pass the new Constitution of India which was done on 26th of January in 1950.
At this day a big event gets organized by the Government of India at the Rajpath, New Delhi where a parade takes place by the India army in front of the India Gate in the presence of President of India after unfolding the India Flag and singing National Anthem.
However, keeping into consideration the capacity constraints and to minimise inconvenience to passengers, AAI, several major airlines and DIAL republic day india consulted on various options and jointly agreed that the best and safest course of action is to cancel domestic flights during NOTAM period.
After the national parade, led by the republic's president, the Palazzo del Quirinale becomes a point of interest as the public gardens officially open for the season. Godfrey Farrugia argued that someone who was guilty of passing such a sexist remark, in Parliament no less, was unworthy of receiving the Republic Day award and the President should have never have signed off on the Prime Minister's recommendation.
Employees merged the holiday with weekends and extra days off to form weekends of three, four or even five days. In celebration of becoming a republic, events are held at the Paramaribo Presidential Palace and Independence Square. IGIA handles almost 1,100 flights daily, almost 10% reduction in flights during those nine days is likely to push up fares of the remaining ones due to the spurt in demand.
Following this Indian army parade, state wise Jhankis, march-past, awards distribution, etc activities takes place. Also, the airspace closure has been extended by two days. Firstly, the navy's P8I Multi-Role Maritime Aircraft (MMA) that will enhance maritime domain awareness” over India's 2.54 million square kilometres of Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

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